✦ RULES! ✦ compulsory to all members

✦ RULES! ✦
we can work it out and get it straight or say goodnight

✦ Be polite, nice, and civilized. (or Kagetora Hitaki will slash you up!)
✦ That means NO drama, spam, ad, flaming, war, hack, or undecent typings. (don't say I didn't warn ya)
✦ All new entries will automatically be filtered as members only. Do NOT make your posts public, only mods have the rights to do so, if they feel that it is appropriate.
✦ We're not fussy about LJ-cuts. But users do. So do them a favor by lj-cut heavy content.
✦ Report to the mods if you find any spammers or those who broke the rules. (for now, it's just sagaranna)
✦ It is REQUIRED for all posters to enter accurate tags and titles to your entries before publishing. Scroll below to find out your suitable categories.

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You may add in your own sub tags (eg: kagetora, donwload, artwork, fan fiction) as long as you have already added the main tag, and that the name is not same with the main tag. You may even leave the extras out, mods can help add in for you.

✦ PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR CONTENT (news, additional info, etc.) anywhere else. It took exclusive efforts, so please understand. Just link back here (to the source) including original source (official links). If you insist to use anything from here, please ask permission first, and then give credit & linking.

✦ For any enquiries, just comment here!
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