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✦ RULES! ✦ compulsory to all members

✦ RULES! ✦
we can work it out and get it straight or say goodnight

✦ Be polite, nice, and civilized. (or Kagetora Hitaki will slash you up!)
✦ That means NO drama, spam, ad, flaming, war, hack, or undecent typings. (don't say I didn't warn ya)
✦ All new entries will automatically be filtered as members only. Do NOT make your posts public, only mods have the rights to do so, if they feel that it is appropriate.
✦ We're not fussy about LJ-cuts. But users do. So do them a favor by lj-cut heavy content.
✦ Report to the mods if you find any spammers or those who broke the rules. (for now, it's just sagaranna)
✦ It is REQUIRED for all posters to enter accurate tags and titles to your entries before publishing. Scroll below to find out your suitable categories.

Recruition is still open! We will start from Volume 4, Chapter 15. In need of translators who are dedicated, committed and cooperative. Our job is to translate, edit the content with Photoshop and spread the love! Our target is to complete the chapters before the official release from TokyoPop, or it will be pointless. Only team members are allowed to post with this category. Use this to discuss things often, ok! Regular members are only allowed to comment to help or compliment, that is if you don't mind spoilers. (^_^)

RAW Scans: HERE.

WIP Scanlations: HERE.


Completed Scanlations: HERE.

Current Volunteers: sagaranna (head editor), kiri_note (head translator), flak_chan (assistant editor 1), wempire (assistant editor 2)

titles: ✦ SCANLATION TEAM ✦ type any line here
tags: !scanlation team, manga
This is ONLY to those who volunteered to join. If you're not involved, skip this category.

Reviews about chapters/volumes, spazzing about your fave pairings, asking possible scenarios involving the manga's universe, posting related stuff you found online (youtube, doujinshi, etc.), or just wanting to introduce yourselves and mention how you're hooked to this fandom. Anything goes! As long as what you're wanting to post does not fit into any other categories available.

titles: ✦ DISCUSSION ✦ type any line here
tags: !discussion

Seeing as how Shinobi Life have simple numbers of characters, I feel that it's not neccessary to create a new community for stamping purpose.

Character List: HERE.

Pending List: HERE.

Anyone are allowed to vote, even without an application. To vote, bold character name and state brief reason. If applicants choose to be rated for "Look-Alike" stamp, vote for that too! Thanks.

Application form:

Stamped List: HERE.

titles: ✦ RATINGS ✦ type any line here
tags: !ratings
This is ONLY to those who wants to join. If you're not involved, skip this category.

Anything about Shinobi Life cosplay. Whether you want to express or feature existing cosplayers (make sure to get permissions first. if you can't seem to get, you still must credit!), enquire about cosplay guides related to this series, or would like to share with others about your completed cosplay.

titles: ✦ COSPLAY ✦ type any line here
tags: !cosplay

Did you create any graphics for Shinobi Life? Good! Share your love with this category. (^_^)

Icons/FO Banners List: HERE.

LJ/Userinfo/Website Layouts List: HERE.

Wallpapers/Media Skins/Misc. List: HERE.

titles: ✦ GRAPHICS ✦ type any line here
tags: !graphics

Guess what? It won't be limited to one, but to as many, as long one division is filled up with complete characters to start a new one for different users. And after that, you may roleplay for fun among your blogcrews, as long as you're in the right/same division! Please don't mix up with others. One user can only take up ONE character, ONE division. (you cannot take up a different charac. in a new division) Go to Blogcrews List to join first, then if you want to RPG, proceed by posting under this category. You don't need a new account to play.

Blogcrews List: HERE.

titles: ✦ RPG ✦ type any line here
tags: !rpg, !division #, !your character

Anything related to the official Shinobi Life content (news, updates, info, products, ads, the people or company involved, etc.) shall be under this category.

News Bulletin: HERE.

Shopping List: HERE.

titles: ✦ OFFICIAL ✦ type any line here
tags: !official

Do you have or know of any fan made things tribute to Shinobi Life? (other than graphics) Things like fan arts, fan fictions, quizs, games, etc. Aha, this category will do.

titles: ✦ FAN STUFF ✦ type any line here
tags: !fan stuff

If you know of any links related to Shinobi Life, let us know! Or communities that are related to Shinobi Life.

Other LJ comms: HERE.

Outside LJ links: HERE.

titles: ✦ AFFILIATES ✦ type any line here
tags: !affiliates

This only applies to moderators. If there is any announcement regarding about this community, eg: layout updates, members, rules, etc., please use this category!

titles: ✦ announcement ✦ type any line here
tags: !announcement

You may add in your own sub tags (eg: kagetora, donwload, artwork, fan fiction) as long as you have already added the main tag, and that the name is not same with the main tag. You may even leave the extras out, mods can help add in for you.

✦ PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR CONTENT (news, additional info, etc.) anywhere else. It took exclusive efforts, so please understand. Just link back here (to the source) including original source (official links). If you insist to use anything from here, please ask permission first, and then give credit & linking.

✦ For any enquiries, just comment here!